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Citizenry Charter/منشور شهروندی

Following is only a section of topics described under Citizenship Charter. This categorization is by no means complete and it is just an introduction to start a discussion about each topic.

2. Civic and political rights/حقوق مدنی و سياسی.

Freedom of thought Freedom of dress Freedom for women and men to choose their life partners and freedom in choosing one’s lifestyle

3. Economic, social and cultural right/حقوق اقتصادی، اجتماعی و فرهنگی.

  -          تامين امکانات رفاهی برای خانواده ها با هدف محو کار کودکان. (محتاج بحث بيشتر)

Top Posts/داغترين پست ها

Iranian Women's Uprising, March 8th, 1979
Women's rights in Iranhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women's_rights_in_Iran

Current Campaigns/کمپین های جديد

Current discussions about Citizenship charter:

1. Promote Progressive WebSites/Radios/Books/Movies/publications.

Web Sites: Baraltareen  http://balatarin.com/

2. Capital punishment.

Should capital punishment be banned in Iran at this stage?

3. Should capital punishment for youth under 18 be banned in Iran?.

International human rights instruments – particularly the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights – to both of which

Recent Posts/پست های اخیر

این ویدئو گزارش، گفتگوی نوشین احمدی خراسانی با سه تن از فعالان حقوق زنان، مهرانگیز کار، شیرین عبادی و شهلا لاهیجی، به مناسبت 8 مارس، روز
This article is a great discussion on all aspects of human rights and a lot of great resources on it.